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I was babtized

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Thursday, January 26th, 2006
7:35 am - T_T ugh.
Hyuuga Neji!!! My most cranky and precious student. I apologize unto you with my most sincerest flow of emotions when I say I am sorry for never returning to bring you your food in the hospital that day!!! But, you see, I got DISTRACTED. For this lovely senorita asked for my name, and we then proceeded to go to the free tango lessons that were being given out downtown!!

I had THOUGHT she had "Love-of-my-life" potential written all over her!!!

But, unfortunately, it was a man.

Initially, this would not have been a problem.

Until I found out it was an elephant!!!

What misfortunate befell upon me. Ohohoo. You do not want to know how I found out such a thing.

SO HOW IS EVERYONE!??! Is everyone still homosexual and working on depopulating Konoha? *_* Such youthful ways of committing such a deed!! +_+

I wonder what Ariel is doing. And my fellow Cher Fan. T_T Sir Leader!!

Lee. Are you still dating that red-headed boy who attacked your teammate!? >\

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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005
7:59 am - :O!!!!!!!!!!

Well, just know that, whomever hurt Hyuuga Neji should back off. Because you're screwing with someone who has a JEDI SENSEI. THAT'S RIGHT!!!! FEAR MY YOUTHFUL LARGE AND LONG LIGHTSABER!!!! BOW DOWN TO IT!!!

.......I missed Christmas? ...... D:



I need drinks. And to visit Neji. *_* Lee should come with me. Yes.

I wonder how Sasuke and Deidara are doing =D And Haku and Ankooooooo and yes. Even Ariel.

OH AND I HAVE AN AXE NOW!! SO UM...WATCH OUT. BECAUSE I HAVE FUSED ..Um..my.lightsaber and my axe..yeah.

Ummmmmmmmm........*_* I DO NOT KNOW!! Oh yes. Neji. I hope you took my youthful advice about respecting relationships. Because if you didn't ..*_* Well, you'll see.

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Monday, December 12th, 2005
3:36 am - bored *_*
So I have found myself taking up a new hobby. U_U

Prostituting the youth of Konoha.

No, I'm just kidding ^_~ Ahahah.

It's really that......I have found.....my Uncle. Yes, that's right!! I had previously thought that
all of my family members had perished in *---->*insert angsty past here*<----* and when all of THAT
had happened, but boy am I glad I was wrong!! ^__^ Anyways, we went shopping and sewed together,
when he had stopped me and told me of some type of spin off of a Taoist belief. I had not known
what he was talking about, but then he just lifted his hand and I was thrown in the air!!

......Then I still didn't know what he was talking about, so then he looked at a cookie and it

......SO then I was still like ..."Whaaaaa?" And then he snapped and all of the cages at the zoo

......So then I asked him to clarify what he meant, and he told me that even those with no brain can
use the "force"(in my bulge) *_* And lifted the X-wing(my awesome ride) in front of my eyes!!!

I can't wait until you all meet the ORIGINAL green beast of Konoha, Maito Yoda!!! *_* HAIYAA!!

Lucky bastard ;D always got the ladies.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
There's meeee *_* YAAYY!!!! They caught me off guard there so I look a bit surprised I think U_U
Neji, Lee, Sasuke. T_T I'd like to see where you are at your shinobi skills.

Yes, that is right. Gai-sensei is now a MASTER of the FORCE. I am now above petty things such as...
ordering super size at fast food restaurants!! I have will power now.


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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
10:42 am - =O
I have decided........=O

That becoming a monk was not such a good idea.

And I grow tired of playing Shogi with Badgers. And losing.

So I grew my hair back :O

And....I'd like to give being a sensei a try again.



I cant wait to see Lee and Neeeejiiiiiii and Sasuke and Naruto and Deidara and Anko-chan and everyone else except Kisame!!!! I HATE YOU ARIEL!!!

((ooc: XD um...he never became a monk but...hes kind of drunk so whatever))

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Friday, October 28th, 2005
5:48 pm - =O!!! holy SMOKES, BATMAN!!!!
Well, I return and most triumphantly!!!! I have spent the past month or so in the woods, under harsh training and disciplining my body to be the most dynamic and youthful it can be!!! *__*

I have learned to talk to VARIOUS woodland animals. U_U I was taken in by a Lumberjack's family. He had a very lonely housewife and 19 kids. It was chaotic, dramatic, and I ended up having to leave, but not before accidentally taking a pen from their house!!! So I MUST RETURN IT!!! It is the morally correct thing to do by my standards U_U and NO im not going back just to have their pancakes. I will not hold that family hostage if my pancakey demands are not met U_U

ANYWAYS!!!! Lee...we need to revive Neji still with the ouiga board? We've been trying so long ;__; :D I'm sure he'll be most thankful. And he owes me 30$.

I saw Uchiha Sasuke!! *_* I was most glad to see him and, as always, he was in a moral dilemma. And of course, I had to help him out. I'm just great like that sometimes.

Is Itachi still around?! :O And is he still retarded!?

ARRIIIEELLL...*wave* =3 heeeeyy!!! ;D

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
2:54 pm - ~_~
Everyone needs to calm down. Stop being so jealous. All that thought they had something with Uchiha Sasuke-too bad. Deidara has him. And all that thought they had something with Deidara-too bad. Sasuke has him. Let them be happy and stop being relationship nazis.


Good luck you two ^_~

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
12:43 pm - ~_~ Hormones in your late 20's >>;
I wonder what Iruka is doing right now? =_= I miss him dearly Umino Iruka, when you see this feel free to stop by anytime ^_^ I'd like to make some cookies with you!!

I recently made a new friend. His name is Kimimaro U_U And his skin is as fair as freshly fallen snow, yet his eyes are flaming emerald and clover fields ridged with a fierey crimson *_* He is just wonderful. I wish to have dinner wih he and Orochimaru-sama at my house sometime v_v mhm

So I've been taking this...medication...lately. It really helps my nerves...and I no longer have random urges to kill people and mutilate their genitals!! Well...not THAT many at least....7_7;; but now that I'm on meds I can drink again ^_^

I "hung out" (as you hip and modern people would say) with the Adorable Innocent Rock Lee yesterday!! We made plans to buy a kangaroo. Then we played quiga bard and contacted Neji's dead spirit who, by the way...owes me 30$. Poor Neji U_U He died of being oversexed. And Lee and I were going to give him the threesome of his dreams, too!! Oh well. Only the good die youthful. And the Neji. The Neji die young too. Oh yeah, then Lee and I felt up a statue and had youthful hugs.

I think I have to call my doctor....my meds have been helping out my anger but for some reason I still tried to hurt Uchiha Sasuke o_O Maybe.....it's just him? Or maybe it's me? T_T >> I like him. ^_^ He's such a dick. It's fun. We have good, voilent, meaningful times together!! YOSH!! *ping!*

I met Deidara, Sasuke's significant other I suppose.....We shall form Team DeiGai. For a reason >> Yep.

Itachi is retarded.

I met a blue mermaid. He wore a seashell bra and had two penises, and was the daughter of tritan and the princess of Atlantica. A big dynamic shout-out to ARIEL!! *waves to Kisame* HI ARIEL!! =D

I want a meatball sub o_o A few. And it appears Uchiha Sasuke and I have the same odd dreams together. Ohoho!! What a laugh. ^^ that's creepy shit T_T Sasuke....acts weird at night. Or do I dream that? I don't know....I guess I could confront him...but Im a little hesitant for personal reasons >>;;

I had the random urge to ask Haruno sakura out kind of sort of So I did. This is called random PG love and it is surely the most youthful love out there. I think we're kind of sort of dating. =)
In your face, JENNIFER!

Hatake...let's go drinking rival ^_^

I heard haku is in the hospital...that doesn't sound good T_T;

I want...a kangaroo. I want to buy one and teach it Taijutsu.

I shall act on this impulse.

I'm sure results will be hilarious.

current mood: confused

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
8:45 pm - T_T *youthful zombie of sadness*
I attacked Uchiha Sasuke O_O Set him on fire, threw him through a water tower, hit him with a tree, and choked him.

And I was rude to him.

Everyone should stay away from the horrid unyouthful social malignancy that is known as MYSELF!! MAITO GAI!!

I am a drunk, abusive, annoying, cockroach. ;__;

And Haku talked to me today and....helped me find out some stuff on my own.

But after all was said and done I just realizied:

Haku is perfect and I am not. And is secretly my Mommy.

So I should leave. Because I do not want to set Sasuke on fire again. I didn't like it that much

Naruto I am glad you are back. DO not let what Uchiha Sasuke says get to you v_v he is madly in love with you and hears violins and symphonies when you walk by secretly and fangirls over you.


Lee...I am sorry I must leave you. I love you ;__; This is most vulgar and unyouthful of me, I am aware of this!!

Hyuuga Neji you sexy punkass, take care of yourself!!!

Umino Iruka it was nice knowing you. u_u
Hatake Kakashi ...uh...*hides behind tree and stalks*

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
4:42 pm - O_O Emptiness...again
Apparently Uchiha Sasuke is on longer residing in my house. He left while I was "busy". I knew I did not give him enough attention. ;__; Sasuke you said you would help me find purpose and have use. *throws the collar down and stomps on it*

I do not know what I can do for you to like me anymore, I guess...v_v;; I am just that unhip. It was good while it lasted, Sasuke. I enjoyed the times I was not being ...stupid around you.

I heard Haku is living with you? *cleans off knife with interest*

That's nice.

...................I'm so alone ;__; where are my precious comrades on my team? Lee? T_T Neji?You punk

.....Umino Iruka is very kind. I would like to get to know him better. I am glad he liked my quilt ^_^ and he did not seem to mind about some of my...odd habits!!

I hate the way Hatake Kakashi looks at him. Why is he *SO* special!? *pout* T_T

Naruto...is...*_* My new God. And...we will be sake buddies. Together u_u

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Sunday, August 21st, 2005
9:56 am - ......emptiness O_O
.......Sasuke broke up with me.

Well, we never were together. But he left me. He no longer is living with me.

It's because I hurt him. >>; I cannot tell why.

I...I feel awful. T_T I...only have..alcohol...to..comfort me. Like always. I...I love it. So much. I think....I shall marry this...lovely love..called alcohol.

I.....am...alone >>;; very. I....he doesn't...want me to be with anyone *twitch*

I must stay away from Lee. Because he is now a teenager. And I shall kill him. For his childish innocence and purity...it is gone. This saddens me, for I shall not let Gai get close to him. Gai shall remain alone. Gai's lips shall remain on sake bottles. And on me. I shall go kill another hooker and garbage man now. You'd be surprised how easily blood comes out of spandex.

I think....o_o there's something wrong with me.

I love you Sasuke :( I hope you have a good life without me. Just like jennifer.

EDIT: OMG Never mind Sasukesama is back at my house!! And he is the best ever.

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Friday, August 19th, 2005
8:58 pm - Youthful Bliss ^_^<3
Ah!! It seems I have once again fallen behind "times" and have been out-hipped by my rival!! And no, this does not mean he has obtained an hourglass figure with dynamic hips...but he has done these...JOURNAL THINGS!! And now v_v I have succumbed and created one. I heard Lee had one too, so...*waves* HI LEE!!! Anyways, I must use this journal for ..rival survelliance >>

Behold the power of Modern Technology!! Oh what is this? Hyuuga Neji possesses one, too? T_T *sigh* That little punk >>;;

......Where in the name of youth are all of the women in Konoha? They all mysteriously disappeared!!! This saddens me, as I now have no one to shop with. ;__;

Today I was running my usual lap route when I ran around our beautiful city and I saw....er....two young males doing things. Nothing wrong with people flourishing in their youth ^_^..with..their...genitalia. But...uh....o.o They were young. Young people do that too? That is the youthful..thing? Because..it's not like...I'm a ....virgin >>;;; or anything....

*ahem* Anyways. I would like to get some ramen sometime. And perhaps..if it is not too much...everyone could stop focusing on sex and focus on training? *shakes head* We must once regain sight on what is important, and that is protecting this village!! Not spreading youthful sexually transmitted diseases @_@

Anyways, erm..oh yes!! Then I was swimming laps in the wonderous natural beautiful body of water known as Lake Konoha (i think. I named it that >>;) and then I saw two....boys. Again. Doing things. O_O And then I was all "Hey, you youthlings!! I know you like being 'hipsters' but could you please find somewhere else to mate? For I am trying to swim and do not want your love goo integrated in my water!!" And then they threw a used condom at me. X_X It was not very nice v_v

And no, I am not a virgin!!! AGAIN!!! GOD PEOPLE LEAVE ME ALONE!!! @_@

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